5 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

08 Sep

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1. Eating absolutely anything I want and not feeling any guilt over how much food I eat is always an amazing feeling, and forgetting about burning it off at the gym! Of course I had to make sure I wasn’t over eating and always remember my mum telling me “don’t let the baby get too big inside, getting them out is more painful that way” Wise words Mother. One of my faves was deff pizza, just couldn’t get enough of it.


2. Using the “I’m pregnant”excuse and not having to say anything else, that was enough to for the get out of jail card. Once you realise that will be a success it works like magic. Family are amazing at making sure all will be okay, especially once you get into your last trimester.


3. Nesting the house for the arrival, its so exciting creating a mood board and then sharing it with friends. Making a wishlist will give you, your family and friends an idea of what is needed. Only trusted sources should be considered – anything by parents for parents.


4. Feeling the baby kick is truly magical. You really begin to understand what’s happening inside and start building a relationship with your baby in your tummy. I don’t think I could ever forget those moments – scary, exciting and emotional all at the same time.


5. Meeting Baby for the first time. Labour was awful both times for me, but when I held my baby for the first time its all forgotten.. Well maybe not all, but pain has a way of leaving your memories right. But these moments should be treasured, make sure that who ever is in there with you takes baby pics as you’ll be too tired to think about it.



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