Launched in 2015, TOP 100 BABY PRODUCTS, is the brainchild of husband and wife blogger duo Leti and Zac of The Inside Edit. It’s aim is to help parents make smarter choices with a peer-recommended guide on the best baby products, saving precious time, money and confusion.
The ranking is the most up-to-date guide available to parents and is 100% independent and unbiased. With 20 categories evenly represented, the listing is balanced and covering as much as possible. Enter below to see the Spring/Summer set of the baby stuff everyone’s talking about.

By Parents, For Parents

Our Story.

Having a baby is awesome but you soon realise you don’t have a clue! As parents with 2 young kids 16 months part we’ve been there!

We bought far too many things we didn’t need and spent far too much money. Research shows that an overload of choices can result in delayed and often regrettable decisions being made. Something had to change..

Here's how it works.


Our algorithm takes into account quality, value for money, functionality, safety, space saving and learning and development. This is done with social listening, using keywords and assessing engagement.


Third Party Tools

This includes assessing engagement and influence with Buzzsumo, assessing a product’s Klout score and Moz Rank along with looking at consumer insight with Brandwatch.


Closed Parenting Groups

Since third party tools can only monitor publicly available information, our team delves into the 100 or so groups we are members of to understand what products are really making a difference for parents with more detail.



The information is all put together and Top 100 Baby Products is published every 6 months following the same process, tracking which products have moved up or down. We’ll be blogging, out and about talking about it and active on social media! We’ll be ensuring new parents receive the best advice and tips along the way.



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