Our Top Tips on Parenting – Second Edition

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We’re super excited to present the latest edition of our Top Tips on Parenting book, a short collection of hacks and wisdom from us here at THE INSIDE EDIT along with fellow parenting Instagrammers. It offers new parents a straight-talking, hopefully encouraging, outlook on the journey of parenting to come.

It’s not a science all this parenting stuff, and nor is our book a definitive set of pointers. All we want is to offer some comfort and inspiration, some ideas and suggestions.

If you are planning on attending events like the Baby and Toddler show where we speak about parenting stuff, then we’ll be handing these out, otherwise it’s available online. Check it out here:




Spring / Summer Top 100 Baby Products has launched!

march 2017


If you’ve ever wondered ‘where do I have to go for the baby products that really count’, for the most stress free and cost effective decision making, then look no further.  WE’RE LIVE AND HERE IT IS!

We’ve had some delays, mainly because of Zac and I being rather pernickety about what experience Top 100 should offer, but  here it is. Our ranking has been carefully designed to allow 20 categories of baby products to be evenly represented,  ensuring a balanced listing which covers as much as possible.



this is an independent and unbiased ranking and guide – no brands have paid to enter and never they shall!  


Once again, this is an independent and unbiased ranking and guide – no brands have paid to enter and never they shall! This is about creating an honest place for parents to learn and share important  information. Our new algorithm, and team of wide eyed parents, who have worked tirelessly, have done all the hard work so you don’t have to! This is the baby stuff people are talking about.

The ranking has lots of way in which you can see the products, you can decide on what categories you want to see and sort any of the information by clicking on the column titles. We have included the best prices for these products and have  gone one step further with a feature that allows you to create your very own WISHLIST – a great way of saving your picks and sharing them. Especially good for clueless friends or relatives. How considerate right!

If you’ve read our bio then you’ll know Zac and I really struggled with baby products.  Our aim remains the same as always, to ensure people in your position get the most useful information in the easiest way. If there is anything on this site you feel could do with tweaking or improving let us know, we’re always open to feedback.

The Top 100 Baby Products will be updated again for the Autumn/Winter season. For now, we hope our new ‘baby’ proves to be helpful and gives you some encouragement on your wonderful and exciting journey into parenthood!

Oh, and just lastly, we fairly active on Facebook (sometimes outlandishly) and will be doing some exciting things like  giveaways, so stay tuned by liking our page!

If you want to see what Zac and I are up to in the mean time, check us out here at THE INSIDE EDIT, Instagram: @the.inside.edit


Authenticity vs Monetisation

When you think of Top 100 Baby Products I bet you’re thinking of an awards-type site… a magazine, a directory or a listing of some sort right?

Nope! Far from it in fact. It’s an honest and independent ranking – a guide to help parents and parents-to-be without compromise.

In re-launching the guide we thought to create something where products are first entered by brands basically. This was to allow us monetise the concept in a more streamlined way and quite genuinely allow brands to put their best stuff forward that parents might not know about.

But we can’t do it! Sorry, we won’t compromise on this…just doesn’t feel right.

It has to be different to everything out there … it has to be true to our mission to help save time, money and confusion by presenting the best stuff out there. It must be honest and incorruptible.

So we’ve made a decision that our ranking will be independent and unbiased, brands cannot pay to enter the Top 100 Baby Products.

Our every intention is to offer valuable information to parents who could do with saving an immense amount of confusion, time and money. We look to the information out there, scanning and listening to what parents are talking about, like us, those that have a lot to share on what counts.

Of course, we do have brands that love what we’re doing and share the vision to help and inspire. These guys do get some extra airtime on the blog and via or social channels but we are very selective with who and why.


The same dilemma and conflict every blogger, content creator or creative faces – how can you maintain authenticity whilst sustaining the costs


And therein lies the problem. The same dilemma and conflict every blogger, content creator or creative faces – how can you maintain authenticity whilst sustaining the costs. If you know the answer please share, because we’re still trying to figure it out.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the media world with Top 100 and The Inside Edit to us it’s glaringly obvious with other businesses and blogs where there have been compromises made. But we don’t hold it against them – that’s just the way it is in most cases. I guess the most important thing for us is to deliver something of value.

I remember being pregnant and thinking, hoping, praying that my baby was well. That he will arrive healthy and I would be able to become the mother I hoped to be. ‘Things’ come second to this maternal instinct.

But undoubtedly, we must take care in the decisions we are making – look to those who have been on the path travelled and understand what products might be best for our us and our beloved newborns.

Top 100 Baby Products I 2017 will be Forbes (with it’s power, influence and simplicity) mixed with Which? (trust, information and authenticity). Offering our ever dwindling attention span some punchy, easily digestible content.



Here’s why you should review baby products…


So if you’re anything like me and not a natural at writing then reviewing baby products is a great way to start!


I don’t know about you but after I had my first I was an expert in all things baby, I could talk about the things that helped me and the things that didn’t, I knew it all! Like someone you ask for directions, I was earnest in explaining the fastest and the shortest route – offering my very best answer to any question.


Maybe it was because I was needing to speak to someone (after having kids your brains go to mush like the baby food you get used to mashing up), so after kids it’s a good way to get back to speaking like an adult again.


In re-launching Top 100 Baby Products Zac and I have decided that it’ll be great to have parents reviewing products. Last year we did things a little differently, we had over 10,000 votes come in from parents on their favourite products but I remember speaking to mums who for the most part couldn’t remember what they bought. I believe whilst we may forget what we bought, we know what is good for us and our baby at the time.


So for 2017 we’re reaching out to you guys for reviews – good or bad – to help other lost parents make the right decisions. So that you may guide and inspire, inform and entertain!


(Here’s me with a Pushchair sent to me by Cybex, it was for a charity race not a review, but look how it matches my dress ☺️)


Why do it?

Should you get a place we will add all your reviews in the product profiles and on our blog, which get promoted on our social channels and newsletter. You also get a profile with a pic and short bio so people can get to know you!


It’s a great way to get you started on having your own blog and why not get your brain working in a different way. We have events we’ll invite you to and you may also get approached by brands/media.


Of course, you also get to keep the best baby products for FREE!




Do I need writing experience?

Nope, just an ability to express yourself clearly.


Which products will I be reviewing?

If you have a particular insight, love or need for any products then let us know and we can try to get you relevant products.


How many products can I review?

A maximum of 5.


Do I have to return the products?

Nope. It’s all yours to keep!


Can I share this on my own blog and social media?

Absolutely, the idea is to tell people about these products so share the news!


We have very limited spaces and will be deciding on our reviewers by 21 January 2017. Click here to become a reviewer and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.



From the Beginning



If you’re reading this and are about to have a baby or have just had a baby, a massive congratulations are in order.


Now that you’ve decided to pack in a life of blissful freedom and independence you have a choice to make over how to approach the parenting thing – be super calculated or wing it. Both come with their strengths and weaknesses but have one thing in common – a wreckless abandonment of reason and logic, understanding and perspective, when it come to baby products!


Zac & I experienced an intense amount of pressure ourselves on what to buy for our first baby. We wanted to buy everything … and I mean everything! We bought things that we never used, things that never worked and things that didn’t even fit in our pokey London flat.


I was overwhelmed with everything out there and there was an information overload! Where do I start, what can I rely on?


I should’ve bloody listened to my mother


I was ahead in my group of mums-to-be and so eventually become a go to place but until that point I was sailing through choppy waters. My maternity leave slowly became a withdrawal from everything I knew into the parenting jungle.


I should of bloody listened to my mother “you don’t need much” and saved for child care instead. There’s lots of those moments like that by the way, and as you become a mum it really is a case of ‘mummy knows best’.


Zac was even more clueless and his attempt at getting his head around things was humorous at best. Most of the time he was trying to not upset me, and had his trusted wallet to his side at the first sign of trouble, like a gun slinger in bandit country.


We started sharing information on what was and wasn’t useful with other new parents. A lot of us were time poor, still thinking about work and how are careers might be salvaged, so having punchy lists were really helpful.


As we tell our kids after all, ‘sharing is caring’, so why don’t we as adults do the same


So Zac and I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could help create a peer recommended platform for parents. A place where people can have an easier experience. As we tell our kids after all, ‘sharing is caring’, so why don’t we as adults do the same – create a list that is easy, simple and without all the noise, that really helps save energy, time, money and sanity!!


best baby product


We also believe that brands need to know what we’re thinking because they’re often creating these amazing products for us parents and its no easy feat. There’s a lot of regulations and hormone crazed parents with high expectations and they can’t rely on brand awareness or any pre-established loyalties.


it’s about making the best decisions for our newborns


Thus The top 100 baby products is here to help. Our aim is to create a place for parents to understand the best baby stuff. Speak to Zac and he’ll tell you about a choice architecture, for me it’s more about an emotional connection. Either way, it’s about making the best decisions for our newborns.


This year marks our second year and boy are we excited!! A bit like our real life kids, the platform has grown and adapted. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch and hope you will be subscribing and keeping in touch. If you are a parent or know any parents who would be interested in receiving top products as a Reviewer then let us know.


In the mean time, you can always check us out at The InsideEdit – our blog where we look at life London and how parenting can be made more fun!