What is the format for Top 100 Baby Products

A ranking of the best baby stuff, a bit like Forbes meets Which? We present this over social media on Facebook with some mentions via The Inside Edit – our personal blog.

How are the rankings determined?

By our Index, which looks at thousands of products and scores them on quality, value for money, functionality, safety, space saving, learning and development. This is done by combining social listening techniques, third party tools and access we have to closed parenting groups.

How can products enter?

Products can’t enter I’m afraid. We are an unbiased, completely independent ranking. We do work with brands however, via our blog and social media – a great way to boost the profile of the product and brand. Quality content is key and have a creative set of heads with an open mind. Our ranking gets updated every 6 months so a lot can change!

How is it different to last year?

Last year we carried out surveys and focus groups to determine the top products. Turns out most people couldn’t remember what they bought and with the industry changing so fast, newer and more improved products were on offer to parents anyway. We look to the information already available by listening and tracking the experience of parents with our index, without asking them to look back and remember.

The Top 100 Baby Products will also be updated bi-annually, making it more up to date for parents and more seasonal with the products and content.

There are also more categories, the ranking comprises 20 categories covering 5 products in each.

Are you selling the products?

No, we offer the information and some links to where you can buy the products, making us a market place of sorts.

Do I have to be a blogger to become a reviewer?

No, absolutely not. Anyone can become a reviewer, we simply look for those with a knack for expressing thoughts comfortably. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer click here.

Are there collaboration opportunities with bloggers and other businesses?

Always! Just drop us a line at collaboration@the-inside-edit.com, we’re up for pretty much anything.


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