Here’s why you should review baby products…

06 Jan

So if you’re anything like me and not a natural at writing then reviewing baby products is a great way to start!


I don’t know about you but after I had my first I was an expert in all things baby, I could talk about the things that helped me and the things that didn’t, I knew it all! Like someone you ask for directions, I was earnest in explaining the fastest and the shortest route – offering my very best answer to any question.


Maybe it was because I was needing to speak to someone (after having kids your brains go to mush like the baby food you get used to mashing up), so after kids it’s a good way to get back to speaking like an adult again.


In re-launching Top 100 Baby Products Zac and I have decided that it’ll be great to have parents reviewing products. Last year we did things a little differently, we had over 10,000 votes come in from parents on their favourite products but I remember speaking to mums who for the most part couldn’t remember what they bought. I believe whilst we may forget what we bought, we know what is good for us and our baby at the time.


So for 2017 we’re reaching out to you guys for reviews – good or bad – to help other lost parents make the right decisions. So that you may guide and inspire, inform and entertain!


(Here’s me with a Pushchair sent to me by Cybex, it was for a charity race not a review, but look how it matches my dress ☺️)


Why do it?

Should you get a place we will add all your reviews in the product profiles and on our blog, which get promoted on our social channels and newsletter. You also get a profile with a pic and short bio so people can get to know you!


It’s a great way to get you started on having your own blog and why not get your brain working in a different way. We have events we’ll invite you to and you may also get approached by brands/media.


Of course, you also get to keep the best baby products for FREE!




Do I need writing experience?

Nope, just an ability to express yourself clearly.


Which products will I be reviewing?

If you have a particular insight, love or need for any products then let us know and we can try to get you relevant products.


How many products can I review?

A maximum of 5.


Do I have to return the products?

Nope. It’s all yours to keep!


Can I share this on my own blog and social media?

Absolutely, the idea is to tell people about these products so share the news!


We have very limited spaces and will be deciding on our reviewers by 21 January 2017. Click here to become a reviewer and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.